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The Journal of Intestinal Fortitude

Guaranteed to despise you or your money back

24 April 1974
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John lives in suburban Maryland with his wife Jennifer. During the 1990's he kicked around in the D.C. industrial-electro-goth scene in the band Dead Letter Office and owned Rack and Ruin Studio. Currently he is a full-time member of the bizarro community, functioning as an author of poetry, nonfiction, and stories, as well as an editor.

His poetry collections include The Troublesome Amputee (Raw Dog Screaming, 2006), The Plague Factory (2005, out of print), The Horrible (Naked Snake Press, 2005) and The Scars are Complimentary (Raw Dog Screaming, 2002, out of print); his fiction includes the novel Last Burn in Hell (Raw Dog Screaming, 2005), and the collections Pocket Full of Loose Razorblades (Afterbirth Books, 2005) and Discouraging at Best (Raw Dog Screaming, 2007). A Child's Guide to Death, illustrated by Darin Malfi and co-written with Dustin LaValley and Mark Sullivan, was published in late 2007. Over three hundred of John's works have appeared in magazines, newspapers, anthologies, and on the Internet. During 2001 he was one of only two winners of the Fiction International Emerging Writers Competition and his work was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

John's editorial projects include The Dream People webzine, Sick: An Anthology of Illness (Raw Dog Screaming, 2003), Of Flesh and Hunger (Double Dragon Publishing, 2003), and Tempting Disaster (Two Backed Books, 2005). John is also a founding editor of Raw Dog Screaming Press, and their new imprint Two Backed Books. You can spy on him at www.johnlawson.org. For more about bizarro art, visit Bizarro Central.
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